Custom Wheels and Raised Rubber Tire Lettering


The purchase of custom wheels may be necessary if you would like to add a set of larger tires to your vehicle. A wheel upgrade could increase the aesthetic appeal and value of your vehicle. After exploring some wheel options and having new wheels and tires mounted on your vehicle, consider adding some raised rubber tire lettering to the sidewalls, to make the wheel and tire duos stand out.

Main Components and Aluminum Alloy Finishes

The words wheel and rim are often used interchangeably. Many wheels that are sold through an automotive service are manufactured with an aluminum alloy casting process. The rim is the outer edge of the wheel and the disc is the vertical part of the wheel. The rim will be completely concealed after a tire is mounted.

The disc will be aligned vertically and may contain cutouts, spokes, or a solid surface. Some custom products contain unique finishes that will either protect the surface of a wheel or provide it with a glossy sheen. Finishes include powder coatings, paint, polishes, and chrome.

Wheel Selection and Lettering

The wheels and tires that you have installed through an auto service should not hinder the brake system, undercarriage, or automotive body. Explore some wheel styles that are currently popular and choose a size that will support the type of tire that you wish to purchase.

The type of terrain that you will be driving on and the region where you live may lead you toward a particular wheel and tire style. Some custom wheels contain removable center caps and custom color rings. Removable caps will allow you to choose between two distinct wheel styles, by securing or removing the caps. Color rings will add a pop of color around the exterior of each wheel.

To further enhance each new tire and wheel duo that is on your vehicle, purchase a lettering kit. Raised rubber tire lettering can be applied with an adhesive. A lettering kit contains disposable gloves, transfers, and an adhesive. After cleaning and drying each sidewall, apply a thin coat of adhesive to the back of each pre-curved transfer.

A transfer will contain a layer of paper or film that will need to be removed after installing the lettering. The adhesive will need to dry completely prior to driving your vehicle. Raised lettering will complement the visible parts of each wheel and will contrast with the color or style of each tire.

For more information, reach out to a company that makes custom wheels, such as Lavish Motoring.  


16 August 2021

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