Investing In Proper Auto Service

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure – Advantages Of Preventative BMW Maintenance

Making the decision to invest in yourself with a luxury vehicle such as a BMW comes with a real level of responsibility to see to its maintenance. Luxury vehicles make a powerful statement about your achievements, but that statement can only be heard if your car is in working condition. If your BMW is stuck […]

How To Decide If You Should Add A Transmission Cooler To Your Vehicle

If you currently have a truck or heavier passenger vehicle, you may be considering the post-factory installation of a transmission cooler. These devices can help keep the transmission and your engine cooler when it is under stress, but do you really need one? Here is how to decide if you should add a transmission cooler […]

Important Questions To Ask When Choosing An Auto Mechanic

Are you thinking about buying a pre-owned vehicle? Will this be the first vehicle that you’ve owned on your own? Owning a vehicle can be a big step for many people. Undoubtedly, you’ll want to keep it in good running condition. But before you actually purchase a vehicle, it’s a good idea to have a […]

3 Tips For Saving Money On An Auto Body Repair When You Are Paying Out-Of-Pocket

Whether your car was paid for years ago or it was just driven off the lot yesterday, saving money on the auto body repairs that you need is crucial. That is especially true if your insurance does not cover repairs to your vehicle or if you are avoiding telling the insurance company about the damage in […]

Choose The Right Brake Pads For Your Driving Style

Many people don’t realize that there are different types of brake pads available for a car. The next time you take your car in to the auto repair shop for brake service, ask which pads they recommend for your driving style. Here are the types of pads available and for what type of driving they […]

Top 3 Car Performance Improvements That Help Add Power And Reduce Fuel Consumption

If you are investing in improvements for your car, one of the things that you may be focusing on is adding horse power. Many improvements that add horse power can also increase fuel consumption, but there are a few that can actually help you save, such as adding an aftermarket power chip. Try some of […]

2 Reasons To Consider A Custom Truck Body

While there are many great truck models on the market that can make a fine addition to most businesses, they will not be able to match the benefits and advantages provided by a truck that has been modified with a custom truck body. A custom truck body is an auto accessory that is designed to […]

Sights, And Sounds, And Smells: Troubleshooting Clues From The Tailpipe

If you own a car, it’s advisable to check its exhaust regularly for any changes that may signify mechanical trouble. The sights, smells, and sounds of the fumes from the tailpipe can tell you a lot about your car’s condition. Here are some of the things you can learn this way: Exhaust Fumes Color Ideally, […]

Two Signs Your Trailer’s Electrical Brakes Could Fail

Although you will be relying on your vehicle for most of the stopping power when towing a cargo trailer, this doesn’t mean the trailer doesn’t play a role. It’s important for the electric brakes on the trailer to be in good condition. If they aren’t this poses a serious safety hazard for you and other […]