Investing In Proper Auto Service

Is Your Truck’s Transmission Malfunctioning? Learn To Recognize The Signs

The transmission is both a complex and powerful component of your truck. Given its unique design and function, spotting a problem with a transmission isn’t always something that is easy to do. There are a number of minor problems that can easily be overlooked that can be indicative of a malfunction. Keep your eyes, nose, […]

Hazards To Watch Out For When Taking Driving Lessons

Regardless of your age, enrolling in driving school gives you either an opportunity to learn how to drive or a chance to relearn some tips and tricks that you may have forgotten over the years. After some time spent in the classroom, you’ll get a chance to sit behind the steering wheel with a trained […]

3 Tips To Help Keep Your New Car Looking Good With Spare Parts

Having a new car can mean reliable transportation that will last for many years to come. It also means that there is regular maintenance that is going to need to be done. Sometimes, even if you have a new car, there may still be an occasional repair that needs to be done. Here are some […]

3 Things To Know Before Getting Your Vehicle’s Windows Tinted In Michigan

With summer fast approaching, it is natural to consider tinting your windows when the hot sun is beating down on your vehicle and making it nice and toasty inside and is reflecting off the road, making it difficult to drive without glasses on. However, if your vehicle is registered in the state of Michigan, you […]

3 Reasons Your Car’s Air Conditioning Stopped Working

Depending on how much time you spend commuting, air conditioning isn’t a luxury feature on your automobile; it’s a necessity! Over time, your vehicle’s AC can lose coolness or stop working entirely. Before you take it to the shop for a diagnosis, you can tackle some at-home troubleshooting by knowing the three top reasons your […]

Replacing A Skylight On The Top Of Your RV

The early spring is the time to inspect your RV to make sure it is in shape for the upcoming camping season. If you park your RV under trees during the winter, you’ll also want to check the roof for damage from falling tree limbs and other debris. A falling tree limb can easily break […]

4 Ways To Reduce Your Vehicle’s Emissions

Did you know that more than half of the typical American household’s carbon footprint can be attributed to vehicle emissions? For this reason, an increasing number of states across the country have begun requiring vehicles to pass an emissions test upon being registered. Still, even if you live in a state where your vehicle doesn’t […]

3 Signs That A Noisy Vehicle Is In Need Of An Oil Change

Does your vehicle made loud knocking sounds each time that you are driving it around? The loud sounds are likely coming from the engine, which means that there may not be a sufficient amount of oil in your vehicle. Oil is able to lubricate engine parts to prevent them from rubbing against each other. However, […]

The Top Four Best Volvo Models For Teen And Inexperienced Drivers

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult that never needed to drive until recently, the fact remains the same that your first year of driving is the most dangerous when it comes to serious crashes. Choosing the right car as a new driver could offer a life saving advantage if an accident does occur. These […]

3 Early Warning Signs That Your Engine Needs Repairs

The engine serves as the heart of your vehicle’s mechanical system. A properly functioning engine beats steadily underneath the hood, but an engine that is in need of repair can wreak havoc on the performance of your vehicle. Addressing minor concerns promptly is a simple way to prevent the need for more costly repairs. Here […]