Misfiring Cylinders: What You Need To Know If Your Vehicle Is Sputtering & Has Loss Of Power


If you've noticed a hesitation in your vehicle's engine, you may be wondering if there's something wrong with the transmission. However, a hesitation or stumble could be the sign of an occasionally misfiring cylinder. If you don't get it repaired, at some point, the cylinder may stop working completely. Here's what you need to know about cylinders and the signs and causes of a misfiring cylinder.  What happens inside a cylinder?

3 December 2018

How Often Should You Change Your Tires?


You're not supposed to wait until your tires are worn down to the wire before changing them. Tires have a limited lifespan, and the manner in which they're used can further shorten their life. Therefore, every car owner should have a plan for replacing their tires when the time comes. Since it's not always possible to give a specific time frame within which you should change your tires, it's much more effective to have a way to measure the tread depth so you can know when it's time to change.

6 September 2018

6 Potential Brake Repair Issues


Many people usually overlook the brakes in their vehicles until they start experiencing a serious problem. Waiting to take your car for brake repairs when you begin experiencing serious problems is not advisable. Doing that can lead to a serious accident that can cost you dearly. Therefore, never ignore any signs of imminent brake failure. The following are 6 signs of potential brake repair issues. Leaking Brake Fluid Whenever you notice that your brake pedal is becoming soft, it might be because of leaking fluid.

6 September 2018

How To Keep Your Volkswagen Running Efficiently


If you absolutely love your Volkswagen and are also concerned with driving a car that has a lot of fuel efficiency, you will want to choose one of the most efficient Volkswagen models and you will also want to take whatever steps necessary to improve the efficiency of your vehicle.  Choose an Efficient Car The e-Golf is technically the most efficient car, but it is not powered by gasoline, so it cannot be measured in MPG.

11 July 2018

3 Reasons To Have Your Vehicle's Transmission Rebuilt Instead Of Replacing It


When dealing with transmission repair, you should know that a replacement is not your only option. Depending on what is wrong with the transmission in your car, having it rebuilt or repaired might be the better choice. These are a few reasons why. 1. Save Money Many people assume that transmission work is expensive. It's true that buying a new transmission is often quite costly, and even buying a used one to be put in your car can come with a hefty price tag, although it might be a bit cheaper than buying new.

10 May 2018

A Jerking Vehicle & Transmission Problems


Have you been ignoring the slight jerk that your vehicle has when it is being driven?  Ignoring the jerking motion is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make as a vehicle owner. The reason why is because it points to the transmission possibly needing some work done before other problems occur. You must understand that your vehicle will not move if the transmission stops working, which is why problems should be repairs while they are still minor.

5 March 2018

4 Ways To Make Sure Your Vehicle's Ready For Winter


With winter upon us, you need to make sure that your vehicle is ready for winter weather and winter driving conditions. You need to check your battery, lights, coolant and washer fluid to make sure that they are ready for winter weather and winter driving. 1. Battery Your battery is put under additional strain in the winter time. It takes more energy to start up your car when it is especially cold outside.

10 January 2018

Three Common Auto Glass Repair Myths


If a rock flew up and hit your windshield, a crack or chip may emerge. If you have never had this happen before, you may pull out your phone and try to figure out what, if anything, you should do about the damage to your windshield. Unfortunately, there are many myths and untruths on the internet. Here are a few of the myths you may come across when trying to figure out what to do about a windshield chip or crack and the truths that you should know:

25 November 2017

Is Your Truck's Transmission Malfunctioning? Learn To Recognize The Signs


The transmission is both a complex and powerful component of your truck. Given its unique design and function, spotting a problem with a transmission isn't always something that is easy to do. There are a number of minor problems that can easily be overlooked that can be indicative of a malfunction. Keep your eyes, nose, and ears open so you know what to look for.   Fluid Leak If you notice a small puddle of red fluid on the ground, this could be a sign of a transmission fluid leak.

7 October 2016

Hazards To Watch Out For When Taking Driving Lessons


Regardless of your age, enrolling in driving school gives you either an opportunity to learn how to drive or a chance to relearn some tips and tricks that you may have forgotten over the years. After some time spent in the classroom, you'll get a chance to sit behind the steering wheel with a trained instructor and navigate your way through the streets of your city. During this phase of your training, it's important to not only obey the rules of the road, but to also keep a sharp eye out for any obstacles that could threaten your safety.

30 September 2016