Top 3 Car Performance Improvements That Help Add Power And Reduce Fuel Consumption


If you are investing in improvements for your car, one of the things that you may be focusing on is adding horse power. Many improvements that add horse power can also increase fuel consumption, but there are a few that can actually help you save, such as adding an aftermarket power chip. Try some of these ideas to give your car more performance and fuel savings:

1. Install An Aftermarket Computer Chip

Car computer chips control the mechanical systems and fuel mixture that is burned. The stock computer chips have factory presets that cannot be changed. Aftermarket power chips are available from many different parts manufacturers, and these can give you many benefits. With an aftermarket computer chip, you can monitor engine performance, perform diagnostics and adjust fuel and air mixture for the best performance and fuel economy. There are a variety of different price ranges for these chips, and some even use Bluetooth so you can monitor your car on a mobile device.

2. Upgrade To A New Air Intake

Performance upgrades, such as adding a new air intake system, can be affordable. The new air intake can give you the benefit of better airflow, which means that your car will have more power. More airflow can also help to reduce fuel consumption because the engine will have a better fuel-to-air ratio for combustion. Some of the aftermarket air filters can even be cleanable, which means that you will only need to invest in one filter for your car and clean it when the filter needs replacing.

3. Reduce The Overall Weight Of The Vehicle

Customizing your car may involve adding new body parts. The parts may be to give your car a lower profile or to give it a custom look. Changing these body parts can also give you the chance to reduce the overall weight of your car. Good places to start include the hood, trunk and bolt-on fender pieces. You can also add parts like spoilers and body parts with vents that will help to improve air flow and ventilation of the engine, brakes and other components that perform better with proper cooling.

Horsepower is not the only thing that you get with these car improvements. You can also make your car more fuel efficient while adding power. An auto repair shop can help you with the fine tuning of your car and suggest some of the best improvements to invest in for higher performance and better fuel efficiency.


15 April 2016

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