2 Things Mobile Truck Repair Techs Should Have -- That Aren'T Related To Repairs


When you work as a mobile truck repair technician for a company like C L Enterprises, you frequently find yourself on the side of the road at all times of day and night. You go to fix a semi truck wherever it breaks down, whenever it breaks down. Because you never know where or when you'll be fixing a broken-down truck, you always need to be prepared. Here are two things you should always keep with you, to ensure you're ready to work on trucks in all conditions.


When working outside with metal components for extended periods of time, your hands can easily become cold. Even if it's just slightly cool, your fingers may go stiff and white when it's raining -- especially if you have poor circulation. When it's below freezing, frostbite is always a danger.

Chemical hand warmers will produce heat for hours after they're opened. Many are made to slide inside of gloves and will fit in mechanic's gloves. Keeping a pair of these on hand will help you keep your fingers warm and nimble when it's cool outside.

Many sports stores stock warmers like these, as they're used by athletes in cold conditions.

A Protein Snack

Truck drivers usually want their trucks repaired as quickly as possible because every minute spent broken down on the side of the road is a minute they aren't driving. This puts pressure on you, as the mobile truck repair technician, to diagnose and fix the problem as quickly as possible. Sometimes, you may have to work for an extended period of time -- even through meals -- to get a job done fast.

Keeping a high-protein snack in your vehicle will give you the energy you need to push through when you must skip a meal. Protein helps to provide the body with energy. Some high-protein snacks you might want to keep on hand include the following:

  • beef jerky
  • sunflower seeds
  • nuts
  • granola bars

These will last a long time and will give you energy when you need it.

In your vehicle, you undoubtedly keep many tools to help repair semi trucks. Make sure you also have what you need to keep going. Hand warmers and protein snacks may appear to have nothing to do with mobile truck repair, but keeping them in your vehicle will help you to be able to do the needed repairs. With these, you'll be able to quickly fix trucks without taking breaks -- even when it's cold and you're hungry.


18 April 2016

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