4 Maintenance And Improvement Projects To Improve Power And Performance Of Your Car


If you want your car to have the performance and power that it is rated for, maintenance is important. Simple things like clogged filters can greatly decrease your car's performance.  In addition to the routine servicing, you may also want to consider simple improvements to your car for more power and fuel economy, such as installing an aftermarket computer tuning chip. If you want to get the most out of your car, here are some tips that may help:

1. Changing The Fluids And Filters Frequently To Ensure Best Performance

The most important part of car maintenance is changing the fluids regularly. The fluids in your car that need to be changed include, oil, coolant, brake and transmission fluid. Changing the fluids ensures that there is no debris causing friction. The oil is what needs to be changed the most often, but it is equally as important to take your car to a transmission service to have the fluid changed when it is needed.

2. Install An Aftermarket Tuning Chip For Better Performance And Fuel Economy

The modern cars driven today have computer controls that adjust fuel, air and firing of the cylinders of your car. This is something that is usually a stock setting on your car from the factory. If you want to get more performance from your car, there are aftermarket tuning chips that can help improve the performance of your car with more efficient settings.

3. Update The Air Intake With A High Performance System And Filter

The air intake is an important part of the mechanical systems in your car, and poor airflow can cause you to lose power. If you want more power, aftermarket air intake systems can help give you better airflow and more power. This can also include a better air filter, which there are cleanable types that you can clean regularly to ensure your car is always performing at its best.

4. Regular Maintenance Of Your Transmission And Overhauls To Ensure Smooth Riding

The maintenance of your transmission is also important if you want better performance. You need to have the fluid changed regularly, as well as the transmission checked for problems. You may need to have the seals replaced to ensure that the transmission does not lose fluid and you have a smooth ride.

These are some maintenance and improvement tips that may help you get the most performance out of your ride. If you need help with maintenance to your transmission, contact an automotive repair shop to ensure your car is performing at its best.


18 April 2016

Investing In Proper Auto Service

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