Important Questions To Ask When Choosing An Auto Mechanic


Are you thinking about buying a pre-owned vehicle? Will this be the first vehicle that you've owned on your own? Owning a vehicle can be a big step for many people. Undoubtedly, you'll want to keep it in good running condition. But before you actually purchase a vehicle, it's a good idea to have a mechanic picked out. They can not only fix your vehicle if it breaks down, but they can also give it a check before you finish the transaction so you know whether or not the purchase will be a good one. In order to help you pick out a good auto shop, here are some things to ask:

What makes of vehicles do you work on? Some mechanics will only work on domestic models, while others will only work on foreign vehicles. Still others will focus on only one brand, such as Ford or Mitsubishi. Different makes of vehicles can use different tools, and it can be expensive for an auto repair shop to maintain complete sets of both metric and Imperial tools. So if you're thinking about purchasing a specific brand of car, make sure that your potential mechanic will be able to work on it. 

Do you use original parts or aftermarket parts? A good mechanic may offer either choice, depending on your budget. But if you usually have very little money saved up to put towards car repairs, you might want to consider taking your vehicle to a shop that uses mainly aftermarket parts. They are usually less expensive than original parts but should last just as long. When obtaining original manufacturer parts, a mechanic often has to buy the part from the dealership, which you'll then get charged for at retail prices or higher. With aftermarket parts, your mechanic may be able to get the parts at near-wholesale prices. These savings would then get passed on to you.

What kind of warranty is there on your work? If you encounter a mechanic who refuses to guarantee his or her work, you should definitely look elsewhere. A good mechanic will offer at least a limited warranty on the parts used and the services performed. Depending on the mechanic, this warranty period may only last a month or it may be a whole year. The longer the warranty period, the more confidence that a mechanic may have in his or her work. This, in turn, should help to set your mind at ease when it comes to dropping your vehicle off to be repaired.

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18 April 2016

Investing In Proper Auto Service

After trying in vain to fix my car for a few months, I realized that I needed to hire a professional. I was tired of dealing with repairs that I was unfamiliar with, and I knew that I needed to get some help. I started looking around for a great auto mechanic, and even though one business was more expensive than others, I decided to work with them. They worked hard to fix my car, and I was really pleased with how great of a job they did. This blog is all about investing in proper auto service so that you don't have to deal with problems in the future.