Warning Signs From Your Car's Transmission


Automobile transmissions are manufactured to give years of use. When they do start to fail, they often give you some warning sign before they completely stop working. Watch for the following signs of a potential transmission failure and get your car into an automotive repair center like Gordie's before you're left with a car that won't move.

1. The transmission hesitates as it shifts gears.

A normal transmission shifts smoothly through each of the gears as you drive. Most times, you won't notice the transition. If you feel the car hesitate as it shifts between gears, a problem may be starting in the transmission. The transmission fluid could be low or there could be a problem developing in the computer that controls the shifting of gears. You may drive your car this way for some time before the problem becomes worse. But it's a good idea to get your car in for an inspection to prevent a more expensive repair in the future.

2. The car makes a "clunking" sound as it shifts.

Your car must shift gears as components in the transmission are turning at a high speed. Hydraulics are used to do this safely and smoothly. A loud sound as the car shifts gears indicates a problem with this system. It could be low or dirty transmission fluid. It can also indicate a failure of one of the hydraulic components, which will eventually lead to the car being unable to shift gears.

3. The car slips in and out of gears as you drive on a level surface.

Once out on the highway and on a level surface, your car should not be shifting gears. If you feel it shift in and out of gears in these conditions, there is a failure of the components that lock the transmission into a specific gear. You'll want to get your car in for an inspection soon before it loses the ability to shift and stay in any gear.

4. A burning smell comes from the transmission once it warms up.

If you notice a sharp, burnt smell after a few minutes of driving, your transmission fluid may be overheating. This fluid lubricates the metal parts in the transmission to prevent wear and dissipate the heat buildup. Overheated fluid may be due to low fluid levels, which may be caused by a leak in the transmission casing. This is a serious problem and can lead to a complete seizure of the transmission components, which would require an expensive rebuild or replacement of the transmission.


20 April 2016

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