Tips For Preventing An Oil Spill When You Change Your Own Oil


While it's fast, affordable and convenient to visit an auto service shop to have your vehicle's oil changed, you might occasionally have extra time on your hands and wish to tackle the job on your own. Provided you read up on the steps to changing your oil and you have the right equipment, you shouldn't have trouble getting the job done properly. One area that you have to exercise caution is when you drain the oil from your oil pan into the tray -- even a small spill during this job can leave your driveway with an unsightly stain that will be extremely difficult to remove. Here are some tips for lessening the risk of spilling your oil.

Put Cardboard Under The Tray

A typical oil tray is large enough to catch the oil from your vehicle with ease, but unless you have it perfectly positioned, you might spill a bit. You can avoid this problem by placing a sizable piece of cardboard under the tray -- any oil that misses the tray will get soaked up by the cardboard before it reaches your driveway. A simple solution is to cut down a large box that you might have in your recycling bin and position it carefully.

Don't Be Afraid To Let The Plug Fall Into The Tray

Some people end up spilling some of their oil on the driveway because they're fumbling with their vehicle's drain plug. As the oil starts to flow, it can hit your hand, wrench or the plug itself and end up spraying in a manner that misses your tray. When you've gotten it loose with your wrench, there's no harm in letting it fall into the tray and retrieving it afterward when you pour the oil into an old jug to take to your local hazardous waste center. By loosening the plug and then getting your hand and wrench out of the way, the oil will pour straight into the tray.

Pull The Tray Out With Caution

Once you've let all the oil drain out of your vehicle, it's time to remove the tray. This is a job that can be easy to rush -- and you'll end up slopping oil on your driveway. Since you'll need to pull the tray toward you, make sure that you're doing so in a very slow, controlled manner. The tray is shallow to fit under your vehicle, which means that the oil might be only an inch from the top. Exercise caution as you retrieve the tray and pull the cardboard with it to avoid slopping oil onto your driveway.

If you don't have the time or resources to handle your own oil changes, contact a mechanic's shop to schedule one.


22 April 2016

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