3 Signs That A Noisy Vehicle Is In Need Of An Oil Change


Does your vehicle made loud knocking sounds each time that you are driving it around? The loud sounds are likely coming from the engine, which means that there may not be a sufficient amount of oil in your vehicle. Oil is able to lubricate engine parts to prevent them from rubbing against each other. However, there are other signs that you can look for that points to your vehicle needing an oil change as well. Take a look at a few of the signs that are listed in the article below.

1. The Smell of Oil Inside of the Vehicle

If there is a strong odor of oil on the inside of your vehicle, it might be due to there being a leak present. You need to get the problem inspected by a mechanic as soon as you can because the engine may not be getting a sufficient amount of oil. If no leak is present, the odor might stem from the engine getting too hot. When an engine overheats, it can lead to oil burning and getting into the exhaust are of your vehicle. Once the oil gets into the exhaust area, it makes it easy for the odor to get inside of your vehicle. It is possible that you need to get the oil changed and radiator inspected in case your vehicle is not getting enough coolant.

2. The Oil is Extra Dark

If there is dark oil in your vehicle, it means that it has become old and need to be replaced. You might also notice that the dark oil is much thicker than it should be. You can actually check the color of your oil before taking your vehicle to a mechanic by allowing your vehicle to cool down so you won't have to worry about getting injured by the hot engine. You should then locate the dipstick on the engine, which is typically located near the front of it. Wipe the dipstick on a clean white cloth or paper towel to observe the color and thickness of the oil.

3. The Check Engine Light is On

When the check engine light comes on, it does not necessarily mean that the engine itself is in need of a repair. It can also mean that a vital component of the engine like oil is not at a sufficient level. If the light remains on after new oil is installed, it might then mean that the engine is in need of a repair. Take your vehicle to a mechanic to find out if an oil change is necessary so you won't have to listen to the loud engine sounds while driving.


27 April 2016

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