The Top Four Best Volvo Models For Teen And Inexperienced Drivers


Whether you're a teenager or an adult that never needed to drive until recently, the fact remains the same that your first year of driving is the most dangerous when it comes to serious crashes. Choosing the right car as a new driver could offer a life saving advantage if an accident does occur. These four Volvo models are all good options because of their combinations of budget friendly prices and high safety ratings.

Value Minded: Volvo S80

Looking for the best deal possible to help stretch your family's budget while adding another car to the driveway? While it's usually best to buy the newest car possible in order to take advantage of safety feature breakthroughs, sometimes you have to settle for a vehicle that is nearly a decade old already. The Volvo S80s made from 2007 onwards are one of the highest ranked older cars, as tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Aside from being safe and reliable for new drivers, it's also budget friendly because vehicles in good condition can be found for under $6,000.

New or Older: Volvo S60

Both the brand new and older Volvo S60s work well as first cars due to the responsive handling. It's one of the most expensive models recommended by Consumer Reports, but the larger frame and width of this midsize sedan makes it easier for other drivers to see than the smaller compact cars usually favored by teenagers and inexperienced drivers. Advanced safety features in the newest models, including electronic stability controls and blind spot monitors, help make the first year of driving more informative than traumatizing by dramatically reducing the risks of common car accidents.

Smaller: Volvo C30

If you or your teenager won't settle for anything except a compact car, go with the Volvo C30. This hatchback offers plenty of storage space and seating, but it's also slightly smaller than most of the midsized sedans that usually receive recommendations for new drivers. The Volvo C30 didn't just get a top rating for safety from the IIHS in 2011, it's also cooler looking than the usual boxy sedan. It's a good compromise for a driver that doesn't feel comfortable in a more expensive luxury sedan either.

More Seating: Volvo XC90

Finally, go with an older mid-sized SUV like the Volvo XC90 if you need your new driver to take over some of the passenger hauling chores like picking up their younger siblings from school. Depending on the year model, your new driver can carry between five and seven people while remaining protected by sidewall air bags and advanced braking controls.

For more information about the safety and efficiency of Volvos, contact a company like Texas Automotive Performance.


27 April 2016

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