Hazards To Watch Out For When Taking Driving Lessons


Regardless of your age, enrolling in driving school gives you either an opportunity to learn how to drive or a chance to relearn some tips and tricks that you may have forgotten over the years. After some time spent in the classroom, you'll get a chance to sit behind the steering wheel with a trained instructor and navigate your way through the streets of your city. During this phase of your training, it's important to not only obey the rules of the road, but to also keep a sharp eye out for any obstacles that could threaten your safety. Here are some specific things to watch for.

Car-Sharing Services

When you drive in a city, you'll frequently see vehicles that are registered to a local car-sharing service. These vehicles are rented on a short-term basis by people who do not have their own vehicles. The concern with these vehicles is that many of their drivers can be inexperienced, given their lack of regular driving. This could mean that a driver forgets to check his or her blind spot or signal before merging, for example. When you see such a vehicle, it's a smart idea to give it ample space, whether you're beside it or behind it.

Distracted Drivers

Distracted drivers are a legitimate threat on the road, and while you can't always spot one, there are many instances in which you can tell someone isn't paying attention. As you drive along, keep a watchful eye out for someone holding a cellphone to his or her ear; this can indicate that the person is immersed in the conversation and might not have his or her full attention on the road and the traffic. You should also look out for drivers who are looking down toward their laps; this suggests that a driver is texting or otherwise using a cellphone, which means that he or she isn't driving safely.

Construction Zones

It's also useful to keep an eye out for construction zones, given their potentially unpredictable nature. Drivers may need to decelerate quickly based on a flag person holding a "Slow" sign, or there may be a sudden need to change lanes because of a lane closure. Even if you're comfortable with spotting these changes and adjusting accordingly, not every motorist around you can necessarily be trusted. Get into the habit of keeping a distance between you and other vehicles as you approach and enter construction zones.

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30 September 2016

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