Is Your Truck's Transmission Malfunctioning? Learn To Recognize The Signs


The transmission is both a complex and powerful component of your truck. Given its unique design and function, spotting a problem with a transmission isn't always something that is easy to do. There are a number of minor problems that can easily be overlooked that can be indicative of a malfunction. Keep your eyes, nose, and ears open so you know what to look for.  

Fluid Leak

If you notice a small puddle of red fluid on the ground, this could be a sign of a transmission fluid leak. Since the area that houses the transmission fluid is designed with an airtight seal, a leak can mean many things. In some instances, it can be something as minor as a worn pan gasket that is allowing the fluid to seep out.

A more serious issue could be a broken fluid line. Whatever the case, it is imperative that you have it addressed right away. When a transmission operates with reduced fluid, this increases the risk of a burnout, which could result in a complete transmission failure.

Burning Smell

If you begin to notice a burning scent, this is an immediate cause for concern. Transmission fluid isn't just for lubrication, but it also helps regulate the temperature of a transmission, preventing it from getting too hot during operation. However, if you're dealing with the previously addressed problem, a fluid leak, there isn't enough fluid to perform this task, causing it to overheat.

In some instances, you can easily recognize the fluid on the ground and address the matter before it gets to this point. However, even if you haven't seen other signs of a leak, if you recognize a burning smell, get your truck to a service professional as soon as possible.

Unusual Sounds And Motions

When operating your vehicle, there shouldn't be any issues when switching gears. This process should be smooth. However, if you notice a pause when you shift the gears, feel an intense vibrating sensation, or hear a grinding type of noise – take heed as these are all signs of a problem.

In some instances, these symptoms could be the result of dirty fluid. Having a transmission flush performed will typically remedy this problem. However, these could also be a sign of gear failure.  With a gear failure, it's only a matter of time before the transmission fails.  

If you suspect a problem with your truck's transmission, quick action is key. In many cases, the faster you have the problem addressed, the lesser the damage. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like


7 October 2016

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