How To Keep Your Volkswagen Running Efficiently


If you absolutely love your Volkswagen and are also concerned with driving a car that has a lot of fuel efficiency, you will want to choose one of the most efficient Volkswagen models and you will also want to take whatever steps necessary to improve the efficiency of your vehicle. 

Choose an Efficient Car

The e-Golf is technically the most efficient car, but it is not powered by gasoline, so it cannot be measured in MPG. The Volkswagen Jetta is the most fuel-efficient gas-powered car. You can expect 40 highway MPG and 28 for the city.

The Volkswagen Jetta can become less efficient if it is suffering from shifting issues that result from internal problems with high mileage automatic transmissions. If this is the case, you may need to have your transmission replaced. You may also see a check engine light because your engine is misfiring due to a failed ignition coil or spark plug. This problem is also common with the Volkswagen Beetle.

The Volkswagen Golf is another car that offers a lot of fuel efficiency. You might see 36 highway MPG. If you need something bigger, the Passat offers 34 highway MPG. The Beetle offers a 31 highway MPG. 

Use the Right Oil

To keep your Volkswagen operating in the most efficient manner, make sure to choose Volkswagen-approved oil. With the right oil, you might be able to improve your fuel economy by 1-2 percent. Contact the dealership for what type of oil is recommended for your particular model.

The Volkswagen will especially have oil problems if it begins to develop oil leaks as a result of valve cover gaskets and camshaft chain tensioner gaskets. This is a problem that sometimes arises with the Volkswagen Passat. 

Correct Common Volkswagen Problems

Make sure to have common Volkswagen problems corrected. While some problems, such as an interior light that doesn't always work, won't impact your efficiency, others might. For example, one common problem is an ignition component and/or coolant temperature sensor that fails and has to be replaced. Not only will this produce a check engine light, but it may cause problems for your engine and reduce your vehicle's efficiency. 

Maintain Your Vehicle

Make sure to drive smoothly and to not brake too hard. Make sure to keep your filters clean. Also, do not forget to regularly service your Volkswagen. When you repair problems immediately, you will have a long engine life. Contact a local Volkswagen service to learn more.


11 July 2018

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