3 Things To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Vehicle


Are you considering buying a vehicle? If so, you are most likely aware of all the advantages of owning your own car. If you live in a rural area where there is no public transportation, owning a vehicle might be your only option for transportation. For others, a vehicle can make them feel more independent.

No matter what your reasons for owning a vehicle, it is a big responsibility. Before you go ahead and do it, here are three things to ask yourself before buying a vehicle.

1. Should I Buy New or Used?

No matter what make and model of vehicle you're hoping to buy, one of the first decisions you'll need make is whether or not to buy a brand new vehicle or a used one. If you are planning on buying a Chevy, it doesn't hurt to look at all the new vehicles on the lot, but in most cases, pre-owned Chevrolet vehicles run just as well.

When buying new, be aware that a brand new car can lose up to 10 percent of its value within the first month of driving it off the lot. For this reason alone, you might be better off buying a pre-owned or used vehicle.

2. How Much Money Do I Have to Spend?

Many people go to the car lot, pick out a vehicle, and then get a loan for that amount. Financial experts recommend finding out how much you can spend before even stepping onto a car lot. This way, you'll be sure to not overspend, plus you'll know in advance what your monthly payments will be, so that you can better budget for your vehicle.

Besides buying the vehicle, you will also need to make sure you can afford the taxes, registration fees, maintenance, and insurance.

3. What Kind of Vehicle Best Suits My Lifestyle?

Most car owners keep their vehicle for at least 6 years. This means the vehicle you buy will not only need to suit your present-day needs, but also the type of life you think you'll have in the near-future.  

If however, you are a rancher who needs a 4-wheel drive vehicle to haul bales and pull a horse trailer with, then a pick-up truck would more closely suit your needs. If it's gas mileage you're concerned about, you will probably want to find a car with a smaller engine. If you know you'll be starting a family someday, you may want to opt for an SUV or four-door sedan.


23 January 2019

Investing In Proper Auto Service

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