4 Reasons To Use High Mileage Oil In Your Vehicle


Lots of vehicles nowadays easily make it past 100,000 miles, 200,000 miles, and even beyond that. For your car to make it to the top end of the mileage bracket without needing to have the engine rebuilt, you must take good care of your engine.

One way to take great care of your vehicle is by using the right type of oil. As your engine puts more and more miles on it, you should use high mileage oil instead of standard motor oil in your vehicle. High mileage oil helps your engine fight against the wear and tear that any engine with a lot of miles will experience.

#1 Protects Against Corrosion

Corrosion is one of the most destructive things that can happen to the inside of your engine. Once corrosion takes hold, it can quickly and effectively spread and ruin your engine. Although water is not supposed to make its way into your engine, sometimes moisture gets in there anyway.

Using oil with anti-corrosion agents is an extremely effective way of countering moisture in your vehicle's engine. These anti-corrosion agents will coat the inside of your engine as the oil moves through your engine, helping prevent the presence of destructive rust inside of your engine.

#2 Keeps the Oil Thick

With standard engine oil, the oil can start to thin out as it reaches the end of its service cycle. With high mileage oil, viscosity modifiers are added to the oil. The viscosity modifiers change the thickness of the oil. They help keep the oil nice and thick throughout its entire service life. Having thick oil is important in older engines with lots of mileage on them that need that extra lubrication.

#3 Reduces Friction

As the parts inside of your engine age, they tend to get looser. Everything is not as tight as it used to be. When things are not as snug as they are supposed to be, they don't always function correctly. That is why friction modifiers in oil are essential. The friction modifiers in the formula will make sure the right level of friction is maintained between all moving parts, no matter how loose they have become.

#4 Condition Internal Seals

Another element in your engine that can start to go after many miles are the gaskets and seals inside of your engine. Having tight gaskets and seals protects your engine against leaks. Over time, it is natural for gaskets and seals to start to lose their shape. Seal conditioner is an oil additive that is specifically designed to work on the gaskets and seals inside of your engine, helping them get their form back. Seal conditioners help reduce the occurrence of engine leaks.

High mileage oil contains special conditioners, modifiers, and agents that help support the unique needs of an engine with a lot of mileage on it. High mileage oil is a great way to give your engine the support it needs so it can keep effectively chugging along.

Contact an oil change service to learn more about what type of oil you should use.


28 February 2019

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