3 Signs Your Brake Calipers Need Service


Without a braking system that works properly, you will have a higher risk of being involved in an accident. Accidents not only affect the vehicle and other vehicles, but they can also lead to uncomfortable and even life-threatening injuries. Pads and rotors are imperative parts of your vehicle's braking system, but calipers are also essential because they suspend the brake pads to the rotors. Of course, most people do not realize their calipers are in distress. With this guide, you will learn the signs that it is time to service your brake calipers.

Pulling to One Direction

One of the most common signs you have an issue with your brake calipers is if the vehicle is pulling in one direction when pressing the brakes. To understand how a caliper is causing your vehicle to pull, you need to understand the components inside the calipers.

Pistons move in and out of the caliper when you press your brakes. Dirt, dust, and grease can cause the pistons inside the caliper to freeze up and the brake pads and rotors to wear down more quickly, resulting in failing brakes. This wearing down will cause the vehicle to either pull away or pull towards the damaged side of the brakes.

Uneven Brake Pads

No matter how well they are maintained, your brake pads will wear down over time. If you or your auto technician notice the pads have worn down more on one side than another, it may be because your calipers are also worn.

A thorough inspection can determine if the brake pads and calipers need to be replaced. Your technician may also suggest replacing or resurfacing the brake rotors.

Loud Noises

If there is an issue with any part of your braking system, you will probably hear loud noises when applying the brakes and trying to stop your vehicle.

For example, squealing or screeching noises when applying the brakes most likely stem from bad brake pads. If you hear a loud grinding noise when braking, your rotors are most likely worn down.

A loud clunking noise could indicate a bracket holding your brake caliper in place has broken. If clunking is heard when braking, make sure to have the entire brake system inspected. Replacing the calipers, pads, and rotors will most likely be recommended.

Your brakes are essential to the safe operation of your vehicle. This guide will help you understand the signs your calipers need service.

For more information on vehicle brake services, contact an auto shop.


1 August 2019

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