Car Broke Down? How To Find A Repair Shop When You're From Out Of Town


When your car breaks down in town, you usually won't have a hard time choosing a repair service, especially if you have a shop that you regularly do business with. Unfortunately, you won't have that option if your car breaks down while you're out of town. When that happens, you have to rely on other methods to choose a repair shop. Instead of taking a chance on the first shop you find, use the advice of others to help you narrow your options. Here are four great options for obtaining recommendations when your car breaks down while you're out of town. 

Friends and Family

If you're out of town visiting friends and family, lean on them for support when choosing a repair shop. Your friends and family will have repair shops that they trust with the repairs of their own cars. They can also help steer you away from the shops that don't provide the best customer service.  

Tow Driver

If you're not visiting friends or family, or you haven't arrived at your destination yet, talk to your tow driver. In most instances, they'll have a working relationship with many of the repair shops in the area where you broke down. They'll also be familiar with the shops that handle the types of repairs that your car is going to require. One of the benefits of relying on tow driver advice is that they can transport your car right to the shop, which means you can get back on the road faster. 

Insurance Company

If your tow driver is unable to provide you with a list of reputable repair shops to choose from, reach out to your insurance company. Because insurance companies deal with repair shops throughout the United States, they'll have access to information wherever you've broken down. They can also provide you with information regarding specific ratings for the repair shops in the area. 

Rental Car Agency

Finally, if your car has broken down while you're traveling, and you need to find a repair shop, talk to your rental car agency. They can provide you with information for the repair shops that they do business with on a regular basis. 

If you break down while you're on the road, you're going to need immediate access to repairs. To help you avoid the frustration that can come from trying to find the right repair shop for your car, use the tips provided here. The people listed above can provide you with valuable information when searching for a repair shop when you're new to an area. For more information, contact companies like Nortown Auto LLC.


28 December 2019

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