4 Reasons To Choose An Enclosed Trailer


When choosing a trailer to buy, you're probably looking at price, longevity, maintenance and storage needs, and hauling capacity. But you also need to decide if you need an enclosed trailer or a more open one. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing an enclosed trailer even if the price is higher.

1. Keep livestock in

If you plan to haul any livestock or even pets in your trailer at any point, you'll absolutely need a covered trailer. A trailer that isn't fully enclosed won't be able to keep your animals secure and safe while you're driving. An enclosed trailer will keep any animals from disastrously escaping and protect them from weather and the winds caused by driving at high speeds.

2. Avoid driving distractions

It's not just livestock that could cause problems if not enclosed completely. Tying down items to avoid escape can be a tricky proposition with an uncovered trailer. Even if you thought you secured things well, the winds and vibrations could cause something to come loose and flap around in the breeze. This could obscure your rearview mirror or cause a distraction, both of which can cause unsafe driving conditions.

3. Protect from weather 

An enclosed trailer has sides and a roof that keep out rain, wind, hail, and other types of hostile weather. And unlike an open metal trailer, an enclosed trailer has a solid floor that can help protect your items from splashes as you drive. 

Because of these differences, an enclosed trailer is the clear winner unless you only haul things that are impervious to all weather conditions.

4. Deter theft

With an enclosed trailer, whatever you're hauling won't be out in easy view to tempt any would-be thieves. And an enclosed trailer makes your items easier to secure, since you can simply place a lock (such as a specialized enclosed trailer lock) on the trailer door for added security.

This security factor can be especially important if you're hauling the trailer long distance (such as when moving cross-country) and need to stop overnight along the way.

As you can see, enclosed trailers are the superior choice for many hauling situations, making them a more versatile tool that's useful for more hauling jobs and lets you do more with what you have. Get in touch with a local trailer dealer or visit a trailer showroom near you to learn more about the details of buying an enclosed trailer and the different models available.


21 June 2021

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