What Could Be Causing Your Car To Leak Fluid? 3 Types Of Fluid Leaks And What They Mean


A leakage of fluid in your car signals a problem in the internal components. Because of that, it is important to visit your mechanic as soon as you notice unexplained exudes of fluids from your car. Usually, a leak will manifest through pools of liquid underneath a parked vehicle. 

Red or brown liquid indicates a leak of steering fluid, while yellow fluid indicates a coolant leak. On the other hand, silky or brownish fluids could emanate from the brake system. This article looks at different types of vehicle leaks requiring the attention of an auto repair mechanic. 

Leakage of the Oil 

An oil leakage manifests as brownish or yellowish puddles under the vehicle. If you see such a leak in your parking area, it means the engine gasket may be severely damaged and needs a replacement. 

Besides that, a punctured oil pan can cause a leak. Other possible reasons include a loose valve gasket, an old oil filter, and a broken or rusty oil seal. During repair, the mechanic will examine all the internal components and fix the issue accordingly.

Leakage of the Transmission Fluid

This leakage results in red or brown dense-textured fluids under the car. To confirm the leak, check the position of the puddle. Leaks from the vehicle's central area indicate a transmission leak. 

In most cases, this leak indicates that the gasket pan has cracks, which mainly arise from driving on the road full of debris. Besides that, problems in the torque converter or a loose pan can lead to a transmission oil leak. When faced with this situation, you should seek the nearest mechanical services to prevent the situation from worsening.

Leakage of the Brake Fluid

Brake oil has a clear or light brown shade with a thin and oily texture. To confirm a brake fluid leak, check near the wheels or close to the passenger seat. Like other leaks, you should visit a mechanic as soon as possible for repairs. 

However, you should tow the vehicle to the auto repair shop since the valves could be loose or the rubber hoses leaking. Worn-out brake pads are also a potential culprit for leaking brake fluid.

The only way you can avoid the above leaks is to ensure regular oil change and vehicle maintenance. Besides that, only go for oil from known brands and avoid low-quality fluids. Lastly, visiting a mechanic as soon as a leak emerges could save you costlier repairs and frustrating roadside breakdowns. 

For more information about car repairs, contact an auto repair service in your area.


24 November 2021

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