Signs Of Failing Car Transmission


A car's transmission system transfers power created by the engine to the wheels, propelling your vehicle. Nevertheless, the transmission system wears down with time, calling for auto transmission repair. But, you may not know when to repair the transmission system. If you're not sure when to perform car transmission repair, watch out for these common indicators.

Difficulty Changing Gears

Your vehicle's gear system allows for changes in car speeds and direction, facilitating easy movement of your car. However, if you notice that your car doesn't change gears or shifts with difficulty, this may be due to transmission problems. For instance, the transmission fluid levels may be low, or foreign particles may have contaminated the fluid. 

Also, if your vehicle's automatic computer breaks down, the gear system may fail. This may cause a loss of power to your car, especially when navigating rugged terrain and steep roads. Transmission repair, in this case, may include fixing the damaged parts of the automatic engine and replacing the transmission fluid. This enables your gears to shift efficiently.

Burning Odor and Weird Noises

When your transmission system emanates a burning smell, this probably indicates that the system is overheating. Transmission systems usually overheat if the transmission fluid is old and contaminated. Also, if there's a leak in the system, the transmission fluid levels decrease, causing friction on moving parts and overheating. 

Similarly, friction occurs when moving components rub against each other, which may cause your transmission to produce weird noises. If you leave your transmission unattended, it may break down completely, calling for a replacement. In such cases, timely transmission repair is essential.

Vehicle Shaking

Your vehicle needs to be stable on the road for you to control it easily, which helps prevent road accidents. However, if your car is shaking, this indicates a transmission issue, increasing car accident risks. For instance, some transmission system parts may be loose or broken. Auto transmission repair may involve tightening the loose parts or fixing broken components to restore your vehicle's stability.

Check Engine Light Warning

Your vehicle's engine light on the dashboard alerts you when your car is experiencing a problem. Thus, if the check engine light is on, your transmission system could be having issues. Auto transmission repair professionals can inspect the transmission to identify the existing issues and fix them.

Consider performing auto transmission repair when you notice the above signs. For more information, contact a transmission service, such as Summit Transmission Inc.


6 May 2022

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