Need To Rent A Car But Have Bad Credit? What You Can Do


If you have bad credit but you need a rental car, you aren't completely out of luck. Simply locate no-credit or bad-credit auto rental companies in your area. These are companies that do provide auto rentals to people who have no credit or poor credit, in addition to renting to people who have good credit.

Whether you need a rental vehicle for a few hours or a few days, here are things you can do to get no-credit auto rentals.

Use a credit card to rent the vehicle

Sometimes it's just the method of payment that you use that determines whether you can get no-credit auto rentals or not. Using a credit card to secure a car rental shows you aren't without credit entirely, whereas using a debit card may come with more liability and risk in the eyes of the auto rental company you choose. Some no-credit auto rentals don't do credit checks at all, while others will forgo the credit check if you don't use a debit card.

Have a co-renter

Consider renting a car with someone else who has better credit than you, or who is willing to be a co-signer. This way, the company you rent your car from will feel more secure knowing they have more than one person being held responsible for the vehicle rental. While a credit check may still be done, so long as one of you doesn't have super low or non-existent credit, you can still be able to secure your rental.

Choose the right auto rental company

Luckily, there are some no-credit auto rentals out there that don't do credit checks or anything even if a person were securing their rental with a debit card or other means of payment. Do your research and exclusively visit these types of auto rental companies as the auto rental process can be easier and less financially invasive. So long as you are over age 25 and meet other bare minimum requirements for an auto rental, you should be able to get no-credit auto rentals with ease.

When renting a car, have your debit or credit card ready, along with your ID and other identification. Know what type of vehicle you need and for how long. If you're renting a car during a holiday or busy season, book your no-credit auto rentals as early as you can. This helps secure a vehicle for your use.


7 December 2022

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