Signs That Your Transmission Needs Repair Or Replacement


Do you have a suspicion that your vehicle's transmission has seen better days, and now it is in need of repair or replacement? If so, you'll definitely want to know the signs that you are having transmission problems so that you do not confuse it with something else.  

Gear Slipping

Gear slipping is a problem where the transmission does not engage properly with the vehicle's drive gears. This can end up causing your vehicle to lose power, which feels like the vehicle is slipping while driving. The problem with gear slipping is often due to the transmission malfunctioning, but it could also be due to low transmission fluid or a worn clutch plate. 

Difficult Gear Shifting 

Another problem related to the gears shifting is when the vehicle has difficulty doing so. You are going to increase in speed to the point where the vehicle needs to shift up to the next gear, but it doesn't seem to do it properly. There may be a big delay or the vehicle just fails to do so. You may notice this problem more when driving at high speeds on the freeway, but it can happen at any time. 

Transmission Fluid Leak

It is never good to see transmission fluid pooling underneath your car since this could be due to a few different problems related to the transmission. There could be seals that are worn down or damaged and now need replacement. There is also a transmission pan that could be loose and cause fluid to leak out. The transmission case can have a crack in it that allow the fluid to escape as well. There is no single reason for a transmission fluid leak, but it does mean that the part is in need of repair. 

Burning Odor

A transmission can produce a burning odor for a few reasons, with the most common one being overheating due to low transmission fluid. Odors can also happen from slipping gears due to the friction that it causes, or a transmission that is overloaded from towing too much weight behind your vehicle. It's a clear sign that something is wrong related to the transmission and should be investigated.


A bad transmission can also cause the vehicle to jerk when driving at high speeds. This is a potential symptom of gear slipping or low transmission fluid, but it can also be due to a problem with the electrical control system that is not performing properly. 

Contact a local auto service to learn more about your car's transmission.


23 January 2023

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