3 Reasons To Have Your Vehicle's Transmission Rebuilt Instead Of Replacing It


When dealing with transmission repair, you should know that a replacement is not your only option. Depending on what is wrong with the transmission in your car, having it rebuilt or repaired might be the better choice. These are a few reasons why. 1. Save Money Many people assume that transmission work is expensive. It's true that buying a new transmission is often quite costly, and even buying a used one to be put in your car can come with a hefty price tag, although it might be a bit cheaper than buying new.

10 May 2018

A Jerking Vehicle & Transmission Problems


Have you been ignoring the slight jerk that your vehicle has when it is being driven?  Ignoring the jerking motion is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make as a vehicle owner. The reason why is because it points to the transmission possibly needing some work done before other problems occur. You must understand that your vehicle will not move if the transmission stops working, which is why problems should be repairs while they are still minor.

5 March 2018

4 Ways To Make Sure Your Vehicle's Ready For Winter


With winter upon us, you need to make sure that your vehicle is ready for winter weather and winter driving conditions. You need to check your battery, lights, coolant and washer fluid to make sure that they are ready for winter weather and winter driving. 1. Battery Your battery is put under additional strain in the winter time. It takes more energy to start up your car when it is especially cold outside.

10 January 2018